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Teamsters Joint Council 40 unanimously endorses Erin McClelland for Congress in the 12th District



Teamsters  Joint Council 40 endorses Jack Wagner for Mayor in the upcoming primary election.  President Joe Molinero stated that he and the endorsement committee which consists of Locals 205-211-250-341-636 and 926 feel that Jack is the best man for the job and will bring a new and fresh approach to resolving the many problems that the City of Pittsburgh is experiencing.


2013 Joint Council 40 Endorsed Candidates for

Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh

Sheriff  - Bill Mullen


Mayor - Jack Wagner

Judge - Court of Common Plea -

                  Mark Tranquilli                   

                            Jennifer Satler                            

Rick Shubert


City Council - District 4 - John Lee


City Council - District 8 - Jeanne Clark


City Council - District     2 - Theresa Smith


Magistrate - South Hills District - Sean Audley


State Legislature - 42nd District - Dan Miller




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Endorsement Flyer 2012




President of the United States

Barack Obama

United States Senator

Bob Casey, Jr.

Pennsylvania Auditor General

Eugene DePasquale

Pennsylvania State Treasurer

Robert McCord

Representative in Congress

Missa Eaton (D), District 3

Kathy Boockvar (D), District 8

Mark Critz (D), District 12

Mike Doyle (D), District 14

Tim Murphy (R), District 18

Senator in the General Assembly

John Wozniak (D), District 35

Matt Smith (D), District 37

Jay Costa, Jr. (D), District 43

James Brewster (D), District 45

Sean Wiley (D), District 49

Representative in the General Assembly

Patrick Harkins (D), District 1

Flo Fabrizio (D), District 2

Ryan Bizzarro (D), District 3

Mark Longietti (D), District 7

Christoper Sainato (D), District 9

Jaret Gibbons (D), District 10

Jim Marshall (R), District 14

Jake Wheatley (D), District 19

Adam Ravenstahl (D), District 20

Dominic Costa (D), District 21

Eric Molchany (D), District 22

Ed Gainey (D), District 24

Daniel Deasy, Jr. (D), District 27

Anthony DeLuca (D), District 32

Frank Dermody (D), District 33

Paul Costa (D), District 34

Mark Gergely (D), District 35

Bill Kortz (D), District 38

David Levdansky (D), District 39

Matt Smith (D), District 42

Mark Scappe (D), District 44

Nick Kotik (D), District 45

Jesse White (D), District 46

Brandon Neuman (D), District 48

Raymond Geissler, Jr. (D), District 56

R. Ted Harhai (D), District 58

Harriet Ellenberger (D), District 59

Bryan Barbin (D), District 71

Frank Burns (D), District 72

Eugene DePasquale (D), District 95








Pennsylvania Conference and Joint Council 40 endorse Mike Critz for Congress.












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